World Premier Ringing Cedars Series Workshop in Australia, October 2008
     Creating Your Space of Love Workshop, Byron Bay, Australia, October 2008

“Comprehensively put together and expressed…”

It was extremely comprehensively put together and expressed. Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop – the material was most complete, comprehensible, comprehensive and really carefully thought out – so thorough! I loved your gentle and thorough presentation and the photos. Because you have included your personal experience and family, it made it so much more alive for me – 'soul presence'. That's important to me. Thank you!

— Jasmine, Australia

Great. I'm exhausted but very glad I did it. It was wonderful to be with so many people wanting in so many different ways to create their kin's domains & hearing about other examples both in Australia and outside. You shared lots of fantastic and much needed info. Thank you. I definitely needed this and hoped for this – and you delivered.

— Evelyn

Thank you so much, Leo. Your warm & friendly presentation manner was a pleasure. I feel more confident now, having heard your experiences, to go forth and put my all into creating / becoming part of a kin's domain. Also, thank you for helping us to network with other Ringing Cedars kin.

— Radha

Thank you for a very informative two days. Though I am 70 years of age and have done my share of pioneering in this country, I will pass this information on to my children and grandchildren and sincerely hope that they will build their own kin's domain. They will receive a great deal of encouragement from me. Again, many thanks

— Judith

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Very much appreciated as it is bringing the imagination, desire, dreaming into a practical reality. It also challenges one to be aware and prepared for what is involved in the work of co-creating. Thank you for bringing this to us.

— Marylyn

Thank you very much! You delivered the material very well and it seemed very well thought out and put together. I especially appreciate your pragmatism and well researched approach. I thought you struck the perfect balance between the metaphysical-ish aspect and the real-world application. I would have liked the workshop to be a little longer as it seemed like you had more to share.

— Craig

I am very grateful to have been part of this amazing workshop. It has provoked a lot of thoughts and feelings in me that I do not know at this stage how to proceed with. It is clear to me that working in an office is not what I want. There will be a change in my life from the Ringing Cedar books and this workshop. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to grow and learn. Love.

— Sara

I loved it, thank you. I loved hearing the stories, experiences, challenges, opportunities of your very real life experiences. I especially loved the photos, the videos and the childbirth talk. I could listen to a lot of it for a lot longer. You had so much you wanted to get across – you needed a week! Thanks again. Very appreciative and inspired by your experience.

— Janine

“A wonderful environment to learn and share…”

I liked a lot Leonid talking about his experience, the school, raising of children. I really liked Leonid's encouragement for us to look in our own natural environment. I loved the workshop. Leonid's energy, relaxed manner, humour and warmth created such a wonderful environment to learn and share. I loved the encouragement for us to explore our own natural Australian environment for our own connected natural plants/trees.

— Brinley

I really liked what you said about exploring this country's own plants' properties and seeing what trees could provide the same as the cedars of russia, or what could already be in the country that is a powerful natural plant or tree. Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening and beautiful presentation.

— Jodin

What I liked the best is how you were able to cover so much ground and how you seamlessly linked everything together. I hope there were some (like me) who saw the full impact of what you are saying. What I liked the least is having to leave to go home to work in the system. (But not forever. I am ready to plan my escape back to the earth!) I would like you to start writing books (in English) to further convey your ideas to those who need to see the light! If you can spare the time from your kin's domain!

— Judy

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Dr. Sharashkin's qualifications

Leonid Sharashkin, editor of English translation 
						of The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre.The instructor, Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, is uniquely qualified for teaching this course. As the publisher and editor of the English translation of Vladimir Megré's Ringing Cedars Series, he has intimate knowledge of the Space of Love concept as presented by Anastasia.

Leonid has researched and defended a doctoral dissertation on the economic, social, and cultural significance of the family gardens described by Anastasia. An organic gardener with quarter of a century experience, Leonid was also one of the first to establish his own family domain in Russia, and led one of Russia's first eco-villages.

Through his own experiences and interaction with hundreds of other settlers, he has gained exceptional insights in many of the challenges facing creators of family domains -- and ways to prevent and overcome these challenges.

On the professional side, Leonid was initially trained as project manager at HEC Business School in Paris, France, tutored by a Harvard Business School graduate.

Leonid subsequently managed WWF Russia's Conservation Finance and Economic Program, as well as taught a formal Project Management course at the prestigious School of International Relations in Moscow.

Leonid Sharashkin holds the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in Forestry (from the University of Missouri-Columbia), Master of Public Affairs in Environmental Policy and Natural Resources Management (Indiana University-Bloomington), and Specialist of International Economics and Bachelor of Commerce (MGIMO-University, Moscow).

His conference presentations have already touched thousands of people the world over. Here is your chance to be among the first to experience the life-changing understanding that results from participation in one of his workshops.

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“Loved the whole thing!”

“Loved the whole thing. Thanks so much for doing what you are doing Leo and sharing your knowledge with the world. You are a great guy doing an awesome job. Love,”
— Kathy

“I found your workshop most informative – your speaking ability is one of the best I have ever heard. What a talent! ”
— Cathy

“This has been a very special 2 days for me, and I really appreciate all the time you have put into this, especially being away from your family.”
— Margaret

“Thank you sincerely for an amazing 2 days. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and share in the space of love knowledge you have.”
— Rose

“What I liked the most is that your insightful concepts and ideas are fully based on natural principles.”
— Henry

“Fresh and inspiring…”

“I was very impressed by Leonid's ability to present these sessions in a fresh and inspiring manner even though he obviously has to do it often.”
— Hamilton

“Thank you for this opportunity to be part of the great movement to return to and develop our innate skills, to rediscover the knowledge that is inherent within our memory.”
— Trish

“I could have listened to you talk about your experiences all day non-stop. About Russia, the people, dachas. I loved the nature, the intuition, the positive experience happening in the world, the mistakes, the successes, hearing about your family. These were the best parts for me. Thank you!
— Justine

“I attended one of your seminars in Australia and the primary reason why I attended is that I wanted to feel what you were like in person. For some time I knew that sooner or later an opportunity would arise to meet in Australia, so I have kept an eye out for you coming to Australia. I felt very strongly that you were remaining faithful to Anastasia's intention. I enjoyed your truthful and honest presentation, and your emotional openness and sincerity.”
— Alan

“I liked learning some of the lost knowledge that people had, e.g. drying the umbilical cord and using when kids are sick -- this gives a slice of the wonderful amount of knowledge still to learn.”
— Carolyn

“You are a most magnificent human being and a very worthy facilitator. Thank you.”
— Nicole

“Thank you!! And it was so great to meet others with same ideas and thoughts. We must protect out planet.”
— Denise

“I very much enjoyed meeting you and your presentation. Your passion is very infectious and inspirational.”
— Scott

“Leonid, my sincerest appreciation to both you, the organisers, and specially your family for allowing you to visit Australia and impart your knowledge with us.”
— Anthony

“You shared your heartfelt understanding in a beautiful, encouraging, humorous & effective way… I liked the various other issues you wove into the workshop, e.g. vaccination, literature, etc.”
— Dennis

“Thank you so much. You did a fantastic job with humour. Repercussion Group was terrific, visual, lesson in communication and sharing. Look forward to catching you again. Hugs.”
— Wendy

“Great! Thanks Leonid”
— Chris

“I really enjoyed this two day course. Thank you very much for your time.”
— Sarah

“Great information on childbirth & immunisation. Appreciated your presentation!! Excellent Leo.”
— Maggie